About Us

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At Pro White Teeth Kits we believe that healthier white teeth should be attainable for us all. This is why all our products are professionally developed and designed to be used at home, at the office or on the go at a time and a place to suit you.

It is you the customer that is at the heart of our business and we aim to provide products that make you feel your best and look your best.

All of Pro White Teeth Kits products are vegan friendly, animal and cruelty free. Each products composition has been carefully formulated to whiten and brighten teeth without any nasty surprises. 

Pro White Teeth Kits product ingredients do not contain peroxide, carbamide or bleach as an active ingredient. Whilst such ingredients may provide instant results, some long term side effects can arise such as staining and hypersensitivity of the teeth, chemical burns on lips, irritation of gums, and damage to the tooth enamel.

 Pro White Teeth Kits products are specifically formulated to eliminate the risks of these side effects.
Consumers are now seeking alternatives to their teeth whitening needs in favour of a low-risk teeth whitening solution that still delivers great results. This is Pro White Teeth Kits.

Making it count


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Job interview? First Date? Big Event? Important Meeting? First impressions count and we want your first impression to leave a lasting impression. Our range of products will give you that boost you need and help your smile seal the deal.

Connecting with you

The customer is at the forefront of our thoughts, Pro White Teeth Kits core values dictate that we are always available for our customers. Whether you contact us via Instagram, Facebook, email or the contact us page, our customer management team will be on hand to assist with your queries and provide an unscripted, personal service. 

Help us to help you to get the smile you always dreamed of!

 Pro White Teeth Kits