The Power of Activated Charcoal

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A little bit about Jodie.


My name is Jodie, I'm a full-time barber and Instagram influencer and I'm 24 years old. I was actually looking on different Instagram pages for a teeth whitening product I could use daily easily. 


Why was Jodie in the market for a teeth whitening product?


The reason I was looking for a daily use product is because I am a smoker (bad) and coffee drinker etc which really affects my enamel on my teeth! It makes me a bit self-conscious of my teeth which is something I could fix!


Why did Jodie choose Pro White Teeth Kits?


I ended up chatting with a staff member on Instagram from Pro White Teeth Kits and they were honestly so lovely and helpful, and they are always trying to make you a saving via social media platforms on their already generously priced products! 


How did Jodie use her product?


So I got the diamond set, the powder I use once or twice a week, the toothpaste I use daily and can't lie, I seen my teeth brighter in 2/3 days! 

So easy to work into my daily routine and definitely helped with giving me my confidence back to smile!



Would Jodie Recommend Pro White Teeth Kits to a friend?


I have given a few of my friends my discount to get their own already and they are pleased also so would one hundred per cent recommend this product! 


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