Teeth Whitening - Quick and Simple!

Teeth Whitening - Quick and Simple!

Teeth Whitening - Quick and Simple!


Hi all, my name is Jude and I'm 20 from Yorkshire! I am currently studying criminology at university and working part-time as a waitress, whilst also using my Instagram to spread love and positivity. I looove makeup and beauty products, and therefore love supporting businesses and companies and promoting their products whilst also seeing the results myself! I've always been a big believer that your smile is always your best feature, being able to spread joy just by a quick smile, so why not take care of them the best you can!?


Personally, I have always struggled with having whiter teeth and I have even contemplated getting professional whitening through the dentist. Since I was young, I have always loved my smile, but with the rise of social media influencers, I have become less confident, due to these influencers having the brightest, whitest teeth and mine being no where near!


Until a message from Pro White Teeth Kits came up in my Instagram inbox, I had never heard about them, but I wish I had found them sooner!! After some research and a look on their website, I made the leap of faith and messaged back and look where I am now! I have whiter teeth and I'm supporting a brand that I truly believe works and gives results! The product I chose was the Starter Teeth Whitening Kit, which included the UV Light and mouth Piece and 3 gel syringes. This product was perfect for me as I could use it whilst doing jobs around the house, whilst getting ready or whilst doing work at home! It is simple and easy to use and I think my smile speaks for itself!!


I would 100000% recommend the product I have used and other products by Pro White Teeth Kits to my family, friends and followers! Thank you for this opportunity and giving me my smile confidence back, I definitely will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


Onto brighter, whiter things! 


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