Stay Shining!

Stay Shining!

Hey I'm Jordell and I'm a brand rep and freelance model from Derby. I've been in the market for a tooth whitening product for a while as I've not seen the best results from basic brushing and this is where I came across Pro White Teeth Kits.

Not only do they offer an extensive range, but also a plethora of proof that they really are up there with the best, if not THE best, brand(s) around. It's for this reason I chose to purchase their charcoal tooth whitening powder.

It's so unique as it's got a great flavour, works unbelievably quickly, and is drop-dead affordable! This makes it a no-brainer when comparing it to other brands and that's just one product from their vast range. I use it twice a day for around 3 minutes and you know it works well when you get compliments from strangers!

It is with no doubt at all that I'd recommend both the charcoal powder, and the brand: Pro White Teeth Kits as a whole, to every single one of you and can only question why you haven't already bagged yourself one of their amazing products through the link in my Instagram bio (@jordellrollins) for a nice discount at the checkout.

Stay shining,
Jordell Rollins (@jordellrollins).
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