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Show Your Teeth Some Love ❤️

Hi! My names Beka , I’m 19 and currently taking a year out of studies to save and try and build a platform on my social media.

I’ve always wanted whiter teeth however the price to whiten at the dentist was always to high for someone in my position. I also found you can find products that show a similar if not the same result for a whole lot cheaper!

I heard about Pro White Teeth Kits from Instagram. I loved their page, products and prices. A massive bonus for me was that they are a cruelty free vegan brand. This gets my attention every time as from there you can see a brand that cares about what they are putting into their products.

I choose Pro White Teeth Kits because the results looked amazing and I had an amazing opportunity to work with the brand. Again being vegan was another reason I chose them, they have a range of products at affordable prices with new products still arriving.

I first choose the whitening kit and the whitening pen which I use both daily. I clean my teeth and use the whitening kit for 20-30 mins. For me personally I use after I’ve ate just so I know I won’t just get any stains straight after. I use the whitening pen on clean dry teeth when I have a few hours to let it settle on my teeth , this is usually on a night before bed.

I would 100% recommend! The first time I used my whitening kit I was so surprised to see a result so soon! The result becomes clear after a few times of use and its amazing to see! Both of my products make my teeth feel cleaner and are both so easy and effortless to use.

I would also and have recommended Pro White Teeth Kits to a friend. Products are affordable , vegan and they actually work so why wouldn’t you want to grab them ASAP! I would never promote a product that I didn’t feel made a difference. I genuinely love my products and will be continuing to purchase with the brand. Thankyou so much to Pro White Teeth Kits for making such amazing products! 💞

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