Show Your Sparkle!

Show Your Sparkle!

My name’s Franki and I’m a young uni student studying Classical and Medieval history! I love all things history (obviously), beauty and fitness!

I was in the market for a teeth whitening product because my teeth are naturally yellower than I’d like (thanks dad) and had struggled to find something that took them from ‘almost white’ to ‘sparkling white’ - I was always insecure about them even though my dental hygiene is 10/10!

Pro White Teeth Kits reached out to me, and after trying out their strawberry charcoal, I instantly knew I’d be a repeat customer. Everything is really affordable and the results are so quick - it only took 3 days for me to notice how white my teeth were getting.

I just brush the charcoal on after brushing my teeth, leave it for a few minutes and then brush it off!

I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants a fast and affordable teeth whitening product, but I’d also recommend the company as they’re so responsive!
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