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Eden brown


Hiya, I’m Eden, 18 and I work full time in a nursery. Working full time I obviously don’t have a lot of time to focus on my teeth and get teeth treatments. For ages I have wanted to have whiter teeth and I just couldn’t find anything to help.

I first heard about Pro White Teeth Kits when they reached out to me on Instagram, I was so happy. I then started using the charcoal powder and in the first week I saw a difference in my teeth. Using it for 3-5 minutes everyday really makes a difference! I also love this product because it’s pain & sensitivity free and also vegan friendly, which means anyone can use it. It’s so easy to use and causes no damage to your teeth. After a week my teeth are so much whiter and my family have asked what i’ve done different. I will 100% be recommending this to everyone.

While using Pro White Teeth Kits I have had the most amazing service with the company. They are so lovely and always making sure your happy with your products purchased. I will definitely be buying from them again. :)

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