Its All Love With Vegan Friendly Teeth Whitening

Its All Love With Vegan Friendly Teeth Whitening

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Hi I’m Natalie I’m 32 years old and a published model , I came across Pro White Teeth Kits on Instagram and fell in love instantly as all there products are vegan friendly too.

I love using products that are natural and has not been tested on animals so I looked at these guys and got the charcoal powder which came with a bamboo toothbrush.

The powder comes in different flavours I got orange the product itself is amazing it’s not gritty it’s really smooth on your teeth as most teeth whiting stuff can one be expensive and not that great product wise but I found this one great value for money and the products work.

I’ve been using this now for two weeks and seen the results my teeth were already in great condition and has made my smile even brighter.

I’d definitely recommend pro teeth white to anyone had such great feedback from my video blog on my Instagram and lots of interest . Thanks Pro White Teeth Kits you have given my my confidence smile back 😊😊😊

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