Mum Approved Teeth Whitening!


I'm Lucy and I'm currently a student and obviously have no time to be having fancy teeth treatments at a dental practice. I have been looking for a way to whiten my teeth that are safe affordable and that actually work!

When Pro White Teeth Kits approached me through Instagram I was over the moon to see they were vegan-friendly, pain-free and sensitivity-free. Its everything you need! I have been using the activated charcoal teeth whitener and after 2 weeks I saw a great difference. It also has not caused any sensitivity or pain like it said! I was getting compliments for family and friends wanted to know how my teeth were looking so white. My mum even asked to use it! I would 100% recommended the product and the brand.

I've had the loveliest customer service and overall enjoyed my entire experience with ProWhite Teeth Kits. Definitely a staple in self-care and will always Be repurchasing :)

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