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Hey! I'm a 30 year old model named Mel, I have a love for fashion, travelling and food. I'm a bride to be and an influencer who is friendly and open-minded.

I have my wedding coming up in just under a year and I thought I'd try teeth whitening again as it's been a while since I last tried some products. As someone with a dislike to their teeth, teeth whitening is the cheaper option to make them look alot better.

I saw a few fellow models follow you on Instagram so I thought I'd give you a follow. I always find that finding a brand that has been used and recommended by someone is worth a shoot.

I choose Pro White Teeth Kits because the feedback was good, the product looks great and the service I found was fab before buying the product too.

I bought the charcoal and followed the instructions. now I am fighting for it over my finance as he loves it too. I think we have another fan! Unfortunately, the teeth whitening pen caused me to have a reaction. I have always had trouble with teeth whiteners due to strange allergies I have. But I did find the one time I used it worked really well!

Seeing the results from the charcoal I would definitely recommend and I have a feeling my fiance would too! Even the teeth whitening pen I would still recommend as my allergies are very rare and with the instructions of how to use and what to do if a reaction happens I would feel comfortable recommending it to all.

Of course, I would recommend to all. The products are great and do what they are actually meant to do, the service has been fab and the prices are very reasonable.


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