Teeth Whitening on the Go and for All Occasions

Teeth Whitening on the Go and for All Occasions

A little bit about Jodie.


 My names Jodie, I'm 19 and I live in Surrey!


Jodie Brown Blog



Why was Jodie in the market for a teeth whitening product?


I wasn't really looking for any teeth whitening products in particular but I'm always up for trying new things especially if it'll help my teeth🦷



Why did Jodie choose Pro White Teeth Kits?



I found Pro White Teeth Kits through my Instagram and was interested in trying the teeth whitening pen! It sounded so much easier to use and it is! I can take it everywhere with me, it fits in my makeup bag for when I'm travelling and it's so handy to have around and easy to use.



How did Jodie use her product?



 I just brush the pen over my teeth and that's it! Over the past 2 weeks, it's made such a difference to the colour of my teeth!



Would Jodie Recommend Pro White Teeth Kits to a friend?



I would 100% recommend this to my friends😁




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