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Tell us a little bit about yourself?



Hello, my name is Libby Brown, I am 23 years old and I live in Pontefract. I studied at university for 4 years and am now a qualified primary school teacher.



Why was Libby in the market for a teeth whitening product?


At the moment I am currently on a journey with my teeth and aiming for the perfect smile. I am currently wearing Invisalign to straighten up some minor crowding and have been looking everywhere for the best teeth whitener to complete the perfect smile! In the past, I have tried many different kinds of toothpaste and other products but I haven’t seen much difference or any results at all. Also, some products taste horrible! A lot of the products have caused my teeth to be very sensitive which was awful as I already suffer from sensitive prone teeth.




Why did Libby choose Pro White Teeth Kits?



I heard about Pro White on Instagram and I saw a lot of great reviews on their website. I was eager to try as I was willing to try anything until I found the best product!




How did Libby use her product?



The pack comes in the post very quickly and is packaged beautifully with everything you need inside. It has a little booklet with easy to read step by step instructions and it even comes with a teeth grid where you can compare your colour teeth to it to see what number you are at. This way you are able to track your journey and see how much whiter your teeth are becoming. My teeth were a 4 to begin with and I went to a 3 in days! (1 being the whitest). I am now currently a 2/3 aiming for that perfect 1. I use my kit daily and it is mainly on a night time through the week as I don’t get much time on a morning but on weekends I use it twice a day.




Would Libby Recommend Pro White Teeth Kits to a friend?




Pro White kits are honestly amazing!! Super easy to use, taste great, doesn’t cause any sensitivity and I’ve seen results within days of using it!




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