A Smile That Seals The Deal!



I'm Amber and I am 20 years old, I am a makeup artist and a beauty addict! I absolutely love being out and socialising with friends and family, visiting new places, taking pictures, shopping and having as much fun as I can!


I was in the market for tooth whitening as I always enjoy making myself presentable and helping allow myself to feel good 😁I feel teeth have a massive impact on the whole look of your face, having beautifully clean and white pearly teeth help you feel more confident and happy within yourself, so that is why I opted to purchase a product I now stand by and love. 


I heard about pro teeth whitening via Instagram and took a look on there page and reviews to see what they were all about! And I don't regret a thing, after purchasing my charcoal whitening powder in flavour 'mint' it showed me results almost instantly after one brush. The first results I noticed was fresher breath and brighter teeth! Which I felt was amazing after my first use.


So in terms of using my product, I firstly brushed my teeth with a regular mint toothpaste. After doing so and washing my mouth out, I then picked up by toothbrush and dipped it into the charcoal whitening powder and I brushed my teeth for around 2 minutes, giving them a really good scrub and finally rinsed out with mouthwash. 


I would recommend the charcoal whitening powder to my friends or anyone who was interested in purchasing a new whitening product! This stuff is amazing quality for such a reasonable price! it's affordable and long lasting, you get a lot of product for the price you pay, which is a massive bonus as it's helping us save those coins👏🏻


I have been using this product for the past 5 days now and already received compliments on how bright my teeth look ⭐️I recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a new product that will become your best friend, that you cannot go a day without!

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