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My name is Siobhan Capelin, you can find me on Instagram @siobhancapelin I've been influencing for about 8 months alongside my volunteering work with young children! I've always loved seeing all the gorgeous models on Instagram I wanted to do that but I realised you needed a niche or usp in order to grow so I focused on the fact I wasn't a size 2 model I wanted to promote the fact you can be beautiful without a thigh gap or without makeup.



I was in the market for a teeth whitening product for a while but I couldn't find one that was from a brand with good reviews and was affordable to me, all the big brands I found were too expensive and the results were varied and the cheaper brands didn't have as good of reviews. I heard about Pro White Teeth Kits through Instagram where I saw a post about how they had changed her smile so I knew I had to look into them.



I choose them because they had a wide range of options to choose from with the charcoal powder to the whitening pen, I loved the fact they were peroxide-free I wanted to make sure I would be promoting a safe product, so I went for the charcoal powder in the mint flavour and I was worried it would taste bad or I wouldn't be able to use them but I've found the taste is actually better than my toothpaste from a leading brand, I used it normally after I had brushed my teeth, and I've got to be fair it was so much fun! It did make a bit of a mess of my mouth but it definitely made for some always snaps!




I've recommended the product to my friends already as I did see a difference in my smile! I would definitely recommend the brand, Pro White Teeth Kits to my friends and family as well.




Feel free to message me on Instagram @siobhancapelin for any questions and more information, disclaimer, this is not a paid ad I do not receive money from you purchasing after this it's my honest opinion, I was given a discount on the product when I bought it.


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